U.S. Army Capt. Courtney Sanders


The 2010 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to establish Language Training Centers (LTCs) at accredited universities to increase training capacity in strategic languages and regional area studies. These centers are designed to accelerate the development of foundational or higher-level expertise in strategic languages and regional studies for DoD personnel by leveraging university expertise to meet existing and demonstrated training needs. The University of Kansas has been a designated Language Training Center since the fall of 2013, and is one of only eight universities that hold that designation.

The University of Kansas is a leader in the field of foreign language instruction, boasting five area studies centers and offering more languages than any university between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. We have a deep commitment to educating military personnel, as evidenced by an ROTC program founded in 1918, a Foreign Area Officer (FAO) program that has been training officers for more than 50 years, and a special Office of Graduate Military Programs, created specifically to facilitate advanced civilian educational opportunities for military personnel. The Language Training Center is a continuation of our longstanding commitment to educate both civilians and military personnel about the importance of language for understanding the varied cultures of the world around us.