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The KU Language Training Center offers intensive language programs to members of the U.S. military every summer. This robust program, established in 2014, has produced reliable and demonstrable linguistic improvements for participating students. Data compiled from the 2016 and 2017 cohorts boast 79% of students who began at a level of Intermediate-High (1+ DLPT) increased their rating at least one sub-level, 18% increased two sub-levels, and 1% increased three. 

Each intensive program is tailored to the needs of a specific military unit, but open seats will be made available to other units or individuals to maximize access. All classes are taught by advanced/native speakers of the target language that are regular instructors at KU during the academic year.

All attending personnel will submit a KU Admissions form, following program-specific admission instructions that will be sent, and will earn undergraduate course credit, depending on the length of the course. The Language Training Center will cover all instructional costs of the program, including tuition, fees and textbooks. Following the University of Kansas' summer course regulations as a result of COVID-19, all 2020 summer courses will be taught via an online format. No travel will be necessary. 

Course Offerings Summer 2020

Language Req. Level for Course Dates
French (Intermediate) ILR 1/1 - 1+/1+ 6-31 July
(4 wks)
Japanese (Intermediate) ILR 1/1 - 1+/1+ 6-24 July
(3 wks)
Russian (Beginning) ILR 0/0 - 0+/0+ 6-24 July
(3 wks)
Russian (Intermediate) ILR 1/1 - 1+/1+ 6-24 July
(3 wks)
Spanish (Intermediate) ILR 1/1 - 1+/1+ 6-31 July
(4 wks)
Spanish (Advanced) ILR 2/2 - 3/3 6-24 July
(3 wks)

Registration for Summer 2020 is now CLOSED.

CLPM Registration Form

If you are a CLPM and would like to register multiple personnel for one of the above courses, please fill out the CLPM Registration Form provided above and email it to the KU Language Training Center,

If you are an individual applying at the request of your CLPM, please complete our online application form. This form is compatible with smartphones and tablets.